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Kanye: “No one wanted to tell me i was dead”

‘No one wanted to tell me I was DEAD,’ Kanye West says. In a poem, he claims he was murdered.

In a dark poem, Kanye West writes that he is dead.

Kanye West wrote a highly gloomy poem about his death, which he claims has already happened, and his thesis is based on murder.

The poetry is quite amazing, and it appears to be an instance of life mimicking art. If we can be so bold, it appears he’s implying that all of his previous troubles, most notably his divorce from Kim Kardashian, have rendered him lifeless, but he didn’t recognize it until now.

The poem, which opens with “No one wanted to inform me I was DEAD,” is a sorrowful and lonely tale of his death, with visitors sprinkling bread on the ground to feed the birds.

There appears to be mentions of the divorce… “In a home I once ran, my kids would dance for me,” Kim said, implying that she now owns the family home.

He also expresses his dissatisfaction… “Everything I read in the press was wrong.”

He then goes on to describe in poetic detail how he met his fate… I discovered a front page piece on my murderer’s narrative in a purgatory newsstand one day.” He does not name the murderer.

“I will not explain this new piece because the explanation kills the mystique and beauty of true love and puts it in a box that can be tallied,” Kanye explains of what he intended.

Source: TMZ

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