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Hot Video: Rami Malek and Pete Davidson play the Squid Game on SNL 

With Squid Game emerging as the streaming hit of the year (at least according to Netflix), everyone should brace themselves for all the ham-handed Korean dystopia TV show parodies that are sure to follow.

Thankfully, this week’s Saturday Night Live got both inventively musical and strange with its take on the series’ deceptively cheery and colorful mini-games of death, with host Rami Malek joining Pete Davidson in donning numbered jumpsuits and competing in super-creepy children’s contests.

The strange part (aside from all the giant dolls and hidden gun emplacements) is that the segment begins like any other country song, with Davidson and Malek’s country crooners lamenting their plight. (To demonstrate how bad things have gotten, Malek sings about having to sell his adorable puppy).

When the scene shifts to them participating in said Squid Game for the dangled promise of a plastic ball filled with cash, it’s no stranger than what we see of the show’s actual plot. (Spoilers ahead, but imagine Black Mirror crossed with Double Dare).

The music and action occasionally freeze as Malek and Davidson’s immediately terrified competitors await their fate as they continue to sing about their progress through the game (and the bloody not-progress of their competitors).

Does this make sense to viewers who haven’t seen Squid Game? For example, what happens when the giant robot girl playing red light/green light starts picking off people?

Or when masked guards with Playstation symbols on their faces appear to execute someone for breaking a cookie? And who is that crazy lady with the knife (played by Melissa Villaseor) standing right behind Malek? And what about the single egg?

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Look, just watch Squid Game and it’ll all make sense (probably), but this is some impressively mounted comic weirdness in any case.

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